The Golf Slice Cure

Need a golf slice cure? Of course you do! You are sacrificing both DISTANCE AND ACCURACY when you slice a golf ball! No need to worry as most golfers develop a slice when they are new to the game. In order to fix a slice, you must first understand what causes it.

A slice is caused by 2 major swing flaws:

1) Open club face
2) An over-the-top swing path

The remedy for an open club face is to alter your grip at address. You do that by rotating your hands clockwise on the grip until you see between 2-3 knuckles on your left hand. You also need to make sure that your right hand is positioned correctly. You do that by making sure the “v” formed by your thumb and forefinger is pointing somewhere between your right eye and right shoulder. Anywhere in that range is acceptable, so adjust it to your comfort.

Once the grip is fixed, you will most likely notice that your shots are going straight left of your target. If they are still slicing back to the right, then you are simply not rotating your hands enough through impact. Try and imagine that you are catching rain drops in your left hand on your thru-swing. This will help close the club face.

Now that we have applied part 1 of the golf slice cure, it’s time to tackle part 2– an over-the-top swing path. This problem is fixed by changing the dynamics of your swing. Your swing path is left of the target because of faulty weight transfer– both on the backswing and downswing. You hear a lot of instructors talking about slicers initiating the downswing with their upper body whereas pros start with the lower body. The truth is, your upper-body lunge is the only way you can make contact with the ball because you haven’t shifted your weight efficiently. So the golf slice cure is to treat the cause (faulty weight transfer) and not the symptom (upper body dive). If you start shifting your weight correctly, the upper body dive will go away.

The key to good weight transfer in your golf swing is to NOT SHIFT YOUR WEIGHT AT ALL! Let me rephrase- you don’t CONSCIOUSLY shift your weight. All you have to do is setup in a way that makes it AUTOMATIC. This is accomplished by using the ground as resistance throughout your swing. Setting up and maintaining this pressure in your legs is the golf slice cure.

Laz Milo

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