Golf Custom Clothing

Golf has a long history of interesting knickers and pants. Thinking about golf in generations past reminds us of bright golf caps with big fuzzy balls on top, pastel plaid pants and argyle polo shirts all being worn at the same time. These styles make a bold statement and are a bit crazy for some, […]

Looking Good at the Golf Course

Here in the UK we tend to see that golfers who have all of the gear at club level tend to be showing off they can afford great and expensive equipment which in turn tends to be frowned upon by fellow golfers. So is looking good on the course a psychological problem that will make […]

Callaway Golf Balls

Today Callaway Golf is one of the biggest names on the tour and produces a range of Callaway clubs and Callaway golf balls. This season Callaway have introduced some fantastic new golf balls to their already fantastic range. Callaway Tour iZ Golf Balls are Callaway’s longest tour golf ball yet. This ball is Callaway’s most […]

Golf and Fashion

With the likes of Gwen Stefani, Brad Pitt and Samuel L. Jackson following suit it’s clear that golf is no longer considered fashion for the untrendy over fifties. In recent years many fashion designers have sought to include elements of golf fashion in their collections as the sport experiences a resurgence of popularity. It’s arguable […]

Golfing At Dayton Golf Courses

The sixth largest city and forth largest metropolitan area of Ohio, Dayton is also famous for its many golf courses and country clubs. And some of these private golf courses have been home to several PGA Championships. One of the notable private golf courses of Dayton includes the Meadowbrook Country Club. This private club was […]

America Golf VS British Golf

British golf and American golf have a long developing history. Due to the their cultural differences, golf course design varies. America golf course emphasis on beauty, and attach great importance on artificial modification; British court has respect for nature, so they like to retain the original rough look.   I remember that when I have […]