Golf Tournament Trophies

There are quite a few types of golf tournaments and while some give out important cash prizes others are only intended to raise funds for various charities. Regardless of what their end scope is, all organizers have to find a way to show their appreciation for the skills of the winners, and this is traditionally […]

Golf Swing Takeaway Drill

I drove into work this morning and the weather was almost surreal. Zipping around (I’m late as usual) town has me encountering some very golf like phenomena. It was cool enough to have some ground fog and a slight haze. I felt like I was in some video clip from a golf vacation package. You […]

Merion Golf Club

The Merion Golf Club is a private club that is located in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. The Merion Golf Club is constantly being rated at the top of the charts as one of America’s greatest golf courses. The club has two courses. The first is the West Course. The second more highly rated course is known as […]

The Golf Swing Setup

The golf swing setup is made out to be really complex by a lot of instructors. It’s not. Get behind your ball with club in hand and pick out 2 spots. The first spot is your target (where you want the ball to land). Make sure that if you look away (which you will),┬áthat you […]

Longer Golf Drives

Why do I need longer golf drives? Good question. It is the imperative of every golfer who is serious about their game of golf to want to improve, lower their handicap, and become winners. If you are not one of these people, male or female, then please stop reading now and go waste your time […]

London Golf Courses

Golfing is one of the best ways to relax, rejuvenate, exercise and socialize with family, family and even work colleagues! Golfing in London is ideal for those who live in the city and do not want to drive off too far to play a few rounds of golf. Here are five of the best golf […]

Golf Rangefinders

Knowing the full distance to the pin, the carry over water, the width of the fairway to the nearest yard can provide serious practical help when it comes to making a club selection. With this information to hand, there’s a real chance of lowering your score in medal play or taking strokes off your handicap. […]